For the second consecutive year, a product of our office is selected for the competition Innovar in its fifth edition, to be held from October14 to 16, 2009 at the Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, in a exhibition of more than 400 projects.
The great exhibition of Innovar is a meeting place where entrepreneurs, designers, researchers and students around the country unveil their innovative proposals

This time, the selected product is developed for thelocal firm Starbene , a leader in the field of aesthetic medicine.
The design for the Starlight product is a versatile facial and body beauty instrument, whose configuration allows the implementation of different treatments and aesthetic facial and body therapies that are used worldwide. (RF, Intense Pulsed Light, cavitation)
The product concept is the versatility and adaptability to different versions of the product, optimizing the development and investment in production, so that design can cover most of the market and the various activities of the company.


Every day since 1 January 2008, the home page of is entirely dedicated to two projects, one in graphic design and the other in product or packaging design. The common denominator here is quality. They are featured with direct links so you can share them with others, contact the authors or discover the full range of their talent. Already a reference in more than 160 countries, this tool is now being extended to a non-virtual application: every year, all awarded projects are published in The Design and Design Book of the Year

Star light The product selected was the product of 29th September 2009.


Results were presented at the 4th of the call. National Innovations.

With over 1800 projects submitted, UFFIZI design succeeds in obtaining a space in the exhibition, in the category of Industrial Design, with the product-Monitor Sowing MS300-designed for the Enterprise Landtech.

The exhibition takes place from 22 to Oct. 24, 2008, at the Centro Cultural Borges, in the City of Buenos Aires.

The INNOVAR Contest is planned as a permanent solution to the problems faced and resolve the entrepreneurs in the field of design, technology and commerce, to reach their creations and distributed in the market. The objectives of INNOVAR are encouraging and disseminating the processes of knowledge transfer and technology, applied to products and / or processes that improve the quality of life of society.

Industry Exhibition of Electrical, Electronic and Lighting.
We participated by giving one of the 16 talks that took place under the Fair Matelectric.
Visit Student Tu-Delf
Last July we visited in nustra office, the group of students from the University of Tu-Delft in the Netherlands, where we share experiences of design.

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